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We are manufacturing Dewatering Screw Press for several applications over a period of three decades. Hiranya dewatering products have gained reputation for its quality & efficiency. Our supply & installations of machinery supplemented by our quality services which gained us a 100% customer satisfaction.

Product design is configured to suit the particular materials to be processed. We always take care of international advances in technology to help our customer to get the best of the time which we had expertise over years of experience. Thus the product ensures optimum performance and customer satisfaction.

Screw presses are used to dewater materials of different consistencies.

The use or objective of dewatering screw press varies according to the material:

  • Improve the material behavior for further processing
  • Improve storage life of the material
  • Reduce weight or volume which in turns reduce transportation
  • Increase gross calorific value

The method of functioning

The material is fed to the pressing screw through a feed hopper, and the pressing screw conveys it into the compression area, where the product is further compressed during onward transportation. This achieves reducing the volume in the screw flights of the press. At the end of the compression area, the product leaves the press through the discharge hopper. Screw presses are driven by mechanical or hydraulic systems with infinitely variable speed or electronic control.


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