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Wire Wrapped Sand Screen

WIRE WRAPPED SAND screen used in sand control applications to support the gravel pack. To form the screen, a profiled wire is wrapped and welded in place on a perforated liner. Screens are available in a range of sizes and specifications, including outside diameter, material type and the geometry and dimension of the screen slots. The space between each wire wrap must be small enough to retain the gravel placed behind the screen, yet minimize any restriction to production.

Pre packed sand screen contains perforated base pipe, inner and outer screen jackets and graded sand between the jackets. It is a modification of wire wrapped screen which is used in well sorted sand or stand-alone completion. Graded sand, with or without resin coating, is considered as a filter for reservoir particles.

Wire wrapped pre packed sand control screen is used in wells where conventional gravel packing is not feasible or economical. The thickness of gravel layer can be varied to meet special requirement.


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